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List for Barbara Hepworth

In Tate on 24/08/2015 at 07:17

Infant in Burmese wood

Torso in African blackwood

Kneeling Figure in rosewood

Discs in Echelon in padouk wood

Oval Form in painted wood

Single Form in holly wood

Two Forms in snakewood

Forms in Echelon in tulipwood

Oval Sculpture in plane wood

Curved Form in guarea wood

List for Barbara Hepworth

Tate Britain


List for Agnes Martin

In Tate on 08/06/2015 at 07:56

Evaporated colours

descending under control

Enhanced beauty

washing subtle palette

Expanded rhythm

moves timely system

Esteemed surface

lead by lined mark

Emanated energy

abstracts painted stripes

List for Agnes Martin

Tate Modern

List for Marlene Dumas

In Tate on 10/02/2015 at 08:00

The enigmatic expression

of a hundred faces.

The vigorous zeal

of every delicate form.

The exuberant interrogation

of concentrated portraiture.

The valiant translation

of enduring emotions.

The enlightened melancholy

of love’s lost light.

List for Marlene Dumas

Tate Modern

List for Late Turner

In Tate on 17/09/2014 at 08:29

Evocative tension torn through

his canvas. A brush full of wind

swept oils slashed deep in the name of

nautical creativity. Momentary tenacity

translates from natural reality to

artistic adaptation. Romanticised

development conjured through years

of sea salt sprayed sketches. Striking

cloud accumulation. Grand simplification

still delves into majestic spectacles.

List for Late Turner

Tate Britain

List for Louise Bourgeois

In Tate on 01/09/2014 at 07:14

Love and Kisses while

The Smell of Eucalyptus evokes

The Unfolding of

Les Fleurs petals

Turning Inwards as you

Look Up wondering

Are you in orbit? or in

The Nest interpreting

À Baudelaire to write

My Inner Life dreams

List for Louise Bourgeois

Tate Modern

List for Henri Matisse

In Tate on 26/08/2014 at 05:57

Charcoal bound

to bamboo sticks

elegantly sketching

and thus revealing

a chapel of art.

Stained windows

lusciously colour

white bare walls

as priest’s chasubles

fly with dashes and lines.

List for Henri Matisse

Tate Modern

List for Richard Deacon

In Tate on 04/02/2014 at 09:45

Drawn to Build

Stretching beyond capabilities

Deliverance in a creative manner

Constructional Space

Tunneled approach / Open Ended

Manu(al)factured Manifestations

Many remaining remains

Industrious forestry waves

Bending through itself

Imprisoned Prism

List for Richard Deacon

Tate Britain

List for Looking at the View

In Tate on 21/03/2013 at 09:00

A Light Story

Sky Light

Street Light

A Lighthouse

Black Light

Plane (F)Light

A Light Wind

After Light


A Light Walk

List for Looking at the View

Tate Britain

List for A Bigger Splash

In Tate on 07/01/2013 at 13:40

Openly optimistic outside

Uneven frames underlie

Freedom of the extraordinaire

Towards the effect

Introduce influence

Experimental representation

The continuation of process

Paint canvas / Paint body

Development within reason

Playing the part

List for A Bigger Splash

Tate Modern

List for Edward Krasinski

In Tate on 28/11/2012 at 19:42

…With a line

Incorporation of you

Fictitious reality

Line up

Lie down

Life surround

Singular lap

Respond to example

Horizontal horizon

Suspension in time

List for Edward Krasinski

Tate Modern