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List for Thomas Joshua Cooper

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Atmospheric Abandonment

Forgotten Forest

Broken Barriers

Full Frame

Covered Cliff

Further Freedom

Deepest Depth

Found Fortunes

Enveloped Earth

Firm Favourite

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Haunch of Venison

List for José Parlá

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City concre(a)te

Urban recordings

City walls collate

Urban re-use

City public incorporate

Urban resources

City street coordinate

Urban reality

City words combinate

Urban remembrance

List for José Parlá

Haunch of Venison

List for Isca Greenfield-Sanders

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Photo / Graph

Plane canvas

Vintage unknowns

Space on canvas

Scenes of motion

Surf in canvas

Fly paper

Under (water) canvas

Painted depiction

Ruled all over

List for Isca Greenfield-Sanders

Haunch of Venison