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List for Penumbra

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Counter (candle) balance

What lies underneath


Cross through entrancement

Drift Drifting Drifter

Conker wars worn out

Time of sent footage

Close around the cloak

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Reflect on reflection

List for Penumbra

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List for straddle the line

In A.P.T Gallery on 26/04/2014 at 08:26

Reflective equilibrium (R. Begum)

Triumphant triangular trilogy (K. Blannin)

Shapeful colourations (C. de Lannoy)

Collated lines differ (C. Ferguson)

Bright splash of darkness (A. Harding)

Silver line in lining (M. Maclean)

Shelved and out (J. McGonigal)

Transmitting transgression (S. Morse)

Branch out for nature (C. Valdes)

A fine balancing act (B. Woodeson)

List for straddle the line

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